BESALCA is 100% black owned and it is being inspired by the prospects of economic growth in South Africa. We think of ourselves as our clients’ business partner, which means that we can integrate our services into their corporate plans. BESALCA is a dependable partner, a firm believer of “Just In time” concept and is an oasis of quality service and efficiency.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, BESALCA Inc. understand the plight of the less fortunate and underprivileged and the fact that the government cannot win the battle alone, hence the need for all stakeholders to join in. As responsible corporate citizens, BESALCA Inc., has committed itself to the eradication of poverty through amongst others, the sponsoring of poverty alleviation programmes, the creation of job opportunities and employing of staff within the communities it serves, as well as provisioning of humanitarian assistance to the needy / those affected.
Our aim is to exceed the client’s expectation in terms of just in time, intact and efficient delivering of services with integrity ensuring that our clients’ peace of mind is within reach.


  • Honesty
  • Disassociating yourself from all forms of corruption and an unethical conducts


  • Sound business practices
  • Professional competence and due care


  • Continuous training and development
  • Providing opportunities and facilities for growth


  • Accepting accountability for all what we are doing
  • Commitment to service delivery

Recognition of human dignity

  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Recognizing the inherent human rights of all cultures


  • The best work methods, procedures and systems to achieve set goals and enhance excellent services.
  • Technical excellence and productivity

Objectivity and Equity

  • Fair treatment to all stakeholders and clients and respect the rights of various
  • Non-discrimination
  • Promotion of affirmative action initiatives
  • Gender equality
  • To exercise a required degree of fairness in the execution of our duties


  • Adhere to principles of non-disclosure and privacy
  • Disclosure done in line with statutory requirements

BESALCA adopts hands-on approach in every assignment that they perform which emphasizes good corporate governance and compliance with laws and regulations that govern our clients. Service delivery is inspired by our core values of which have built good client relations.


Lepeke Elliot Tsoka (Chief Executive)
Lepeke served his articles at KPMG until he was an audit supervisor. He was responsible for numerous small, medium and large audit clients in retail, Information, Communication and Entertainment. He gained extensive audit and business advisory experience in both private and public sector.

Lepeke is a qualified chartered accountant and a registered auditor. In February 2008, Lepeke started BESALCA group, namely BESALCA Incorporated (Registered Accountants and Auditors), BESALCA Tax and Advisory (Pty) Ltd and BESALCA Capital (Pty) Ltd.


We do not require much from you, just believe in yourself first and then BESALCA will do the rest to ensure that your worth is valuable. BESALCA says that everyone is intelligent, confident, and assertive to make it in the corporate world by just being themselves because it will be easy to live BESALCA VALUES. People from all spheres of lives are welcome to the BESALCA as we believe that diversity is part of our lives.

The person’s background does not necessarily define and determine one’s future. However with you, we have the current and the future because you’re worthy and vital asset too. If you understand our language, then you’re the right candidate for BESALCA. In a nutshell, we are dedicated to diversity to ensure equal opportunities and fair labour practices that reflects demographics and economy of the Republic of South Africa.

Let’s talk openly because we respect your views as they enhance our lives. By joining BESALCA you are joining world of positive possibilities. At BESALCA, it does not kill you to enquire whether your crucial services are required. Remember that every business requires some administration and support function to operate smoothly therefore BESALCA does not employ Auditors and Consultants only. We believe in you as long as you have head and heart to think and handle others.